Online Holistic Health Disclaimer

The information found on this website is based upon research and corresponding resources are provided. All content on this website should be considered the premise of Online Holistic Health unless otherwise stated.

Information has been collected from print and online journals, published studies, websites, magazines, newspapers, newsletters and from experts in various health fields.

The intent of Online Holistic Health is to provide a single platform containing knowledge and information related to various areas of holistic health so that the reader can quickly and easily find the information they are seeking.

The reader is encouraged to do their own research to decide for themselves the validity of any of the information found on this website and related links.

The reader is encouraged to use prudence when attempting to correct any health condition and/or to maintain or achieve optimal health.

It is the belief of Online Holistic Health that all health information should be made available to the public, and that every individual has the right to take responsibility for their own health and the type of health care they choose. By law, Online Holistic Health is required to inform you that the information contained on this website should not be construed as personal medical advice, any form of diagnosis, or treatment protocol. We encourage you to base your health care decisions on your own research in conjunction with a qualified healthcare provider of your choosing.

In a never ending effort to provide current information, we try to update the content found on this website on a regular basis. However, as new research is made available, it is impossible for us to guarantee that all information is complete, error free and/or up to date. If any errors are found, please contact us and corrections will be made.

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